As with any society, stereotypes exist. Here are some of the most popular stereotypes about Aurelians by other societies:


  • ...are confident, sometimes overly so.
  • too much.
  • ...are risk takers.
  • ...are weird. (This is been attributed to Kar'zeth, the tradition of unique face paints, tattoos, and hair colors based on regional/ethnic origin, occupation, and artistic expression)
  • ...are nonbelievers. (Aurelia never adopted a primary religion, 61% of it's populace is agnostic)
  • ...are really polite and friendly.
  • ..."know at least five different languages." (This was used by Emperor Zeleti Rosei of the former Sostian People's Republic during the Cold War in his efforts to motivate the populace to seek education. However, it is false, most Aurelians only know two languages)
  • ...are mutts. (This is an incredibly offensive term to Aurelians and refers to the multi-ethnic status of a majority of Aurelians.)